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Director, Producer and Camerawoman

Sophia  Scott is an experienced Producer, and has worked  for organisations including the BBC and Channel 4. She has also worked extensively as a self-shooting director across Africa on projects for the UN, PBS, CBC, The New York Times and Human Rights Watch amongst others. Sophia’s skill lies in her ability to produce high quality films in diverse surroundings. She has a strongly visual approach to film making and believes in bringing the grand scale and richness of the cinema to the telling of individual human stories.



Director, Producer and Editor

Georgia Scott's latest documentary film, set in Kenya, explored the threats facing a unique Swahili community on Lamu Island on the border of Somalia. She has worked extensively as a Project Manager, is experienced in branding and specializes in editing. Georgia’s key strength is her ability to communicate empathetically with people from all backgrounds and in any environment. Along with Sophia, Georgia runs GroundTruth Productions which produces films across Africa, Europe and the Balkans.


IN THE SHADOW OF WAR could not have been filmed and produced without the help of the film's support network. Each member of the team brings invaluable expertise to the group - allowing the story to be told the way it should be.


Executive Producer


chris Bake

Executive Producer


Nada Velan

Co-Executive Producer

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Peter Muffett

Co-Executive Producer

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Richard Parry

Co-Executive Producer

Helen Patton

Co-Executive Producer

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Nirvana Pistoljevic

Senior Advisor

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Esad Boskailo

Senior Advisor


Nedim Zlatar

Music Composer

Leonardo Šarić

Music Composer

Gabi Kent

Head of Impact & Outreach


Elmina Kulašic

Outreach Project Manager

Aleksandar Brezar

Senior Translator

Srđan Gavrilović

Location Fixer, Translator


Location fixer, Translator


Jasmina Dreković

Location fixer, Translator


Seid Muslic

Location Fixer, Translator