Press Reviews

Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation
Interview | Bosnian Youths In the Shadow of War through the lenses of two young British filmmakers
By Stanley Iwema for the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation, December 2014

Video piece | Haunted by the Bosnian War
Jim Stenman reporting for CNNi, 5 August 2014

Open Democracy Review
Film review | Bosnia: the “lost generation”
Rob Wilson, 9 June 2014
The international media can cast an unflinching spotlight on wars but when the war is over the spotlight is suddenly switched off—would that it were that simple for those, including children, left traumatised in its wake. .

Ceasefire Magazine
Interview | In the Shadow of War: Exploring post-conflict Bosnia
In the Shadow of War is a feature-length documentary exploring the lives of four young people in post-conflict Bosnia Herzegovina. Ceasefire's Usayd Younis caught up with its directors, Georgia and Sophia Scott, to find out why these stories needed to be told.

Film review | HEYUGUYS 4 stars ★★★★☆
Andrew Latimer, 10 June 2014
In the Shadow of War agonisingly, reluctantly, but essentially shines a light on the “lost generation” of Bosnia that, without attention, will continue to wander in the dark.

No Ripcord
Film review | Doc/Fest 2014: Day Three In Review
Kai Lancaster, 9 June 2014
I'd never heard of the sibling directing team behind In The Shadow of War, so was a little surprised when it turned out to be one of the strongest films of the festival so far.