In the Shadow of War agonisingly, reluctantly, but essentially shines a light on the “lost generation” of Bosnia that, without attention, will continue to wander in the dark.
— Andrew Latimer, HEYUGUYS ★★★★☆
This film shows us that we still have lessons to learn from the Bosnian conflict. The compelling personal stories in this film tells me that we need to learn these lessons quickly.
— Rob Williams, CEO War Child
I was completely engrossed. Beautifully made, astonishing trust and access, unheard stories... It really makes us think about the long-term costs of war.
— Katy Cronin, Former Director of Communications at The Elders and International Crisis Group

The film tells the compelling stories of four young people as they struggle to survive a war that ended nearly 20 years ago.

The physical conflict is over - but its psychological impact continues.

Can they break the cycle of violence?



Great screening and Q&A at Belfast film fest this month - next festival DOC EDGE!! In the Shadow of Wars New Zealand and Australia premier! With 6 screenings - check it out HERE

Great to be at ONE WORLD human rights film fest in Prague this week. 2 fully booked screenings so far and one panel debate on outreach campaigns. Get more info a& tickets here

We have just launched The Generation Peace Projects website!

Great meeting with Jane Wells and the 3Generations team, our first confirmed US outreach partners for The Generation Peace Project

Next 4 weeks of outreach screenings #London #Ljubljana #Zagreb #Sarajevo #Geneva #NewYork #Beirut and in #Prague #TheHague for festivals!

Great to screen IN THE SHADOW OF WAR today at the Houses of Parliament with MP Karen Lumely & Lord Alderdice amongst others. #intheshadowsofwar #postconflict #education

Interview with Sophia and Georgia Scott by Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation at IDFA 2014

International premiere of IN THE SHADOW OF WAR at IDFA 2014 Sold out! Thank you to everyone who came and for the powerful response. 4 more screenings to go - get tickets HERE

Just got back from Bosnia where we launched IN THE SHADOW OF WARs outreach plan in Sarajevo - meeting the OSCE, Embassies, USAID, Save the Children, Youth Initiative for Human Rights etc. Heading back in January to finalize the outreach plan.

10.11.14IN THE SHADOW OF WAR has been nominated for the OXFAM GLOBAL JUSTICE AWARD at IDFA 2014!

We are very excited to confirm that IN THE SHADOW OF WAR has now officially signed w/ distributor ro*co films 

IN THE SHADOW OF WAR has been officially selected for IDFA and has been nominated for their First Appearance Award!


Thank you to everyone who came to the Frontline Club for the preview screening of In the Shadow of War.  Great Q&A after with Christo Hird joining us

Our interview for CNNi is now live, watch here!

Georgia & Sophia CNNi interview